Teeth Cleaning

In our clinic we provide patients with a full range of professionally performed preventive procedures with the use of modern and well-tried methods.

Professional teeth cleaning is designed to remove plaque and other deposits that accumulate on the surface of the teeth, which cannot be eliminated by home hygiene.

Depending on individual needs, we use different types of teeth cleaning:

  • Mechanical cleaning with special brushes, erasers and professional pastes.
  • Sandblasting - removal of plaque and discolouration caused by coffee, tea tobacco etc., using an air powder apparatus.
  • Scaling - removal of hard dental plaque (tartar) accumulated on the surface of teeth using ultrasonic devices called scales. Scaling is usually a painless procedure, only in the presence of inflammation of the tissues surrounding  the tooth, the pain may occur, but local anaesthetic is given. Every scaling is finished by polishing all the cleaned surfaces. This prevents the production of plaque and gives the patient a pleasant feeling of smoothness.
  • Fluoride foaming - it is used for contact fluoridation of the enamel. The preparation is applied on a special spoon, by adhering to the surface of the teeth, the fluoride contained in the preparation is incorporated into the enamel and causes its remineralisation.