Dentures settling

It is a mobile filling of missing teeth. They are made of acrylic plastic. An indication for their use is toothless teeth or extensive tooth missing.

Overdenture prostheses

Are prostheses based on the roots of the teeth or on implants. They are held by a system of snaps in the mouth. These restorations are very aesthetic, at the same time protecting the jaw bones from fading, providing the patient with relative comfort. Prostheses of this type require the patient to have perfect oral hygiene.

Immediate dentures

This is a prosthetic restoration which is proposed to the patient immediately after extraction, i.e. tooth extraction. They are also made of acrylic. All activities related to their implementation are carried out before extraction of teeth. Such a solution allows the patient to immediately replace missing teeth, which ensures normal operating conditions and improves the comfort of life.

Frame dentures

Are supplements that are based on the gums, mucous membranes and teeth. They significantly prevent bone loss. These dentures are made of a metal skeleton and acrylic, which rebuilds the missing tissue.