Bridges and Crowns

What is a prosthetic bridge?

The prosthetic bridge reconstructs the lost tooth by attaching the crown to the adjacent teeth.

The bridge consists of two prosthetic crowns, on both sides of the missing tooth, which serve as pillars (supports).

The bridge solution is effective when there is up to three missing teeth next to each other.

What are the indications for the prosthetic bridge?

  • To close the space between teeth, in place of missing teeth
  • To prevent the bone loss in the jaw, which may give the face premature ageing (loss of teeth means loss of roots)
  • To avoid gingivitis and tooth decay cause by accumulation of food in the gaps
  • To regain the correct bite with proper distribution of strength for chewing
  • To restore a beautiful smile

What is a prosthetic crown?

A natural tooth consists of a root and crown. The crown is the visible part and it defines the aesthetics of our smile.

If a natural tooth is damaged to such an extent that a standard composite filling is not possible, a prosthetic crown may be the solution.

The prosthetic crown is permanently cemented. Apart from restoring the damaged tooth, a crown can also improve its shape, size and colour.