Aesthetic Dentistry

During your first consultation with our specialists, photographs are taken of individual facial sections in order to determine the facial proportions and help plan you your smile.

We create a checklist in which we include:

  • Facial symmetry
  • Face contour
  • Furrows
  • Bone structure
  • Gum and teeth exposure during smile
  • Age and gender
  • Personality
  • We take x ray images and study the photo documentation, colour and state of the teeth asses the risk factors, after which we present the patient with the treatment plan.


By using porcelain veneers, we can:

  • reconstruct damaged enamel
  • reconstruct damaged front teeth
  • reconstruct the shape of the tooth
  • close the diastole of the incisors
  • hide the discoloured teeth
  • brighten teeth
  • correct minor dental orthodontic defects


It is a filling that complements the lost tooth tissue. These restorations are made of composite, metal or porcelain. Equally good material for rebuilding the cartridges making porcelain is gold. It has a bactericidal effect and prevents the formation of secondary caries. Inlay is cemented with the help of special connection systems on the prepared for this developed tooth.


An onlay rebuilds a larger tooth surface than an inlay.

In order to fit in an onlay the impression is taken of the prepared tooth and sent to the laboratory where it is made. A finished onlay is fitted to the tooth using adhesive resin to prevent the shrinkage. Inlays and onlays are the most modern method of treating cavities. It allows optimal reconstruction of damaged teeth.

Aesthetic Dentistry