Microneedle Mesotherapy

Skin condition most often betrays the age, affects the appearance and well-being of each person. Unfortunately, over time, the skin loses the ability to regenerate, becomes thinner and starts to sag.

DERMAPEN 4 is an innovative solution designed for people who want to enjoy firm and supple skin for as long as possible. The extraordinary comfort, precision and efficiency of the treatment has been confirmed by the prestigious Top Medical Device Award in April 2012 in Los Angeles.

DERMAPEN 4 is a revolutionary innovation in mesotherapy. Thanks to the patented automatic pulsating technology, 11 needles, each with a diameter of 0.02 millimetres, allow the active substances to be applied to a specific depth in the skin. This function gives very good effectiveness of the treatment by increasing the penetration of the substance into the skin while minimizing the pain and discomfort of the patients.


  • skin regeneration
  • reduction of scars, acne scars and imperfections
  • levelling stretch marks
  • eliminating wrinkles
  • preventing baldness

Advantages of DERMAPEN 4

  • Effectiveness of the treatment
  • Less risk of BRUISING
  • Less pain and more comfort for the patient
  • Shorter recovery time