Happy Lift

Happy Lift is a breakthrough, non-invasive method which uses special soluble poly-lactic acid-based threads, which is an alternative to traditional lifting.

Happy lift procedure can rejuvenate your face and take years off your age without any visible scars.

Happy Lift is a safe technique that can improve the sagging skin of the face and neck, as well as the prematurely damaged skin by excessive sunlight.

The treatment consists of inserting absorbable threads under the skin with microscopic capsules of polylactic acid under local anaesthetic.

After implantation, the strands begin to act as a scaffold for the sagging skin, and the firming effect is visible immediately after the treatment. Over time, the threads dissolve naturally in the body 8-12 months after surgery, and positive effects on the skin last for as long as 5-6 years.

The use of Happy Lift threads is especially recommended for people aged 30 to 60 who want to rejuvenate their face while avoiding invasive surgery.


  • pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • autoimmune diseases
  • diabetes
  • tendency for keloid formation
  • active infections in the area of the treatment (herpes, pustules)
  • cancer
  • general infections


  • eyebrows
  • cheeks
  • jaw
  • neck
  • temples
  • areas of post-traumatic or congenital lesions of facial nerve and paralyzed area.
Happy Lift